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Sports Events


About us: is a GWIM initiative. The aim of is provide a way for event participants to view and register for a particular event. This service’s provides the interested participants with an easy and efficient means to view and join the events which are displayed. Thus far, online registration has proved very popular for sporting events. As a result provides a means for sport participants to view their sporting results online.

GWIM sends out a monthly event calendar to its various event mailing lists.  Its focus is on informing the public of the up and coming events taking place in the country.  This has proved very successful with nationwide sporting events which have been largely due to the owners (shareholders) huge interest and involvement in the sporting environment. 

The ongoing events taking place throughout the country assists to maintain a constant supply of traffic thus providing the perfect opportunity for event organisers to have their events viewed.  Therefore has provided an effective and efficient way for event managers to register their events with, thus giving an event international accessibility. A potential participant from anywhere in the world would be able to read up and join your event.  To find out more about the exact services which we offer to you please refer to “How it works”.

GWIM was started in 1995 as one of the first internet marketing companies in South Africa.  Since then it has radically expanded it services accordingly to its existing and potential clients.  To find out more about the services offered by GWIM please click here.