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Sports Events


Terms & Conditions : facilities are subject to the following
terms and conditions:

1. All transactions conducted through the are subject to a 10% transaction fee.
The 10% transaction fee will be added to the total amount received through  Please note this is inclusive of donations to the event.
As an alternative the event organisers can arrange for the 10% transaction fee to be included in the event fee and therefore paid by the event itself.
2.  The transaction fee is deducted before payment is made to client (the event holder).
3 The payment of transactions to the event itself, made through are made as follows:
Payment will made fortnightly on Fridays 2 weeks following the last transaction.
On small events with few transactions this payment cycle will be made monthly and not every second Friday.
The amount transferred to the clients will be, less the transaction fee and any call-backs on transactions received by during the previous week.
4. Charge Backs:
The client (event holder) agrees to pay for all costs plus 10% relating to any charge back on any rejected transaction.  This amount will be deducted from client’s overall payment for the events entries.